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  • Studying by June Anderson
  • Morning At Caddo by Bob Kochenthal
  • Not So Dandy Dandelion by Diane Brunovsky
  • Great Horned Owl and Owlet by Diane Brunovsky
  • Great Horned Owl by Diane Brunovsky
  • Intracacies of the Common Dandelion by Diane Brunovsky
  • Time to Wake Up by Steve Van Houten
  • Pining Away by Nathaniel Burke
  • Celestial Symphony by Nathaniel Burke
  • Hydrangea in a Teapot by Donna Romanick
  • Those Who Came Before
  • Electric Clouds by Cheryl Henderson Brill
  • New York View by Nancy Madacsi
  • The Sandlot Kid by Christy Graham
  • 1908 Singer by Don Rubino
  • Haunted by Nancy Madacsi
  • Window Pain by Frank Urbaniak
  • Up the Down Staircase by Frank Urbaniak
  • Early Tuscan Morning by Lisa Burghart
  • The Back of Whatever This Is by Michael Clarke
  • Just Horsing Around by Stacey Waring
  • After the Apocalypse by Eleanor Bortnick
  • American Copper Butterfly by Michael Tracy
  • Wood Duck in Tranquil Waterscape by Gary Bainbridge
  • The Wave by Linda Powers
  • Deep in Thought by Lisa Burghart (BIS)
  • Railings and Stairs by Peter Rathjens
  • Angry Bull by Virginia Kolstad
  • He Loves Me Not by Retta Cheung
  • Aquatic to Aerial, Dragonfly Emerging by Mike Tracy
  • Carving a Wave by Peter Rathgens

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