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The following events and links are not sponsored by the Sparta Camera Club, but were compiled and submitted by active club members as opportunities to get involved in and some terrific online locations to continue learning the craft and art of photography. If you have an event or link that you'd like to contribute, please submit the request to info@spartacameraclub.org

Upcoming Events

NJFCC Upcoming Events:

Introduction to Bird Photography - Cameron Darnell:  February 27, 2021  2:00 PM-3:30 PM. Cameron is a young photographer, who at only 19 years old, has developed into an outstanding photographer.  This program is perfect for both adults and any young photographers you may know.  Tickets are available for this free event through Eventbrite beginning 1/2/2021.  Eventbrite Darnell

NJFCC Spring Competitions: You can enter pictures in Photo Contest Pro for the spring competitions.  See entry rules and information in the attached document.  The Nature photos must be entered by March 30, 2021.  The Pictorial Competition photos must be entered by April 30,2021.  Click on the following link for more information relating to the NJFCC  competitions.  NJFCC Competition Overview

Other Upcoming Events:

Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council Xpose Virtual Photography Competition:  The Sussex County A&HC has announced a digital photography competition. The competition has six categories.  The deadline for entry is March 5, 2021 and entry is via e-mail. Please check out this link for more details.    A&HC Xpose Virtual Competition

Morris County Historical Society Competition: Morris County Historical Society is holding an Juried Photo Contest and  Exhibition on the history of Morris County in May 2021.  Submissions can be made between October 1, 2020 and April 16, 2021. Categories are Historic Structures, Historic Landscapes and Historic Structural Details.  SCC is planning an outing with this theme in mind also.  Please check out this link for more details.  Morris County Historical Society Competition

Share Your Photos with NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife:

The Division of Fish and Wildlife would like to partner with you and share your photos of New Jersey’s fish, wildlife, habitats, and the recreation associated with them!  Photos will be added to their library for their use in publications, social media and outreach. Photos must be submitted via email.  Please check out this link for more details. Share Your Photos NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

NJFCC Recorded Events:

NJFCC Winter Nature Competition: The recording for the competition held on Monday, January 25th is now available at the NJFCC website under social media/YouTube.

The Creative Landscape With Joseph Rossbach: Link to YouTube Video

Session from Hunt's Photo on Camera Gear:  The NJFCC hosted Noah Buchanan from Hunts at a session on ZOOM Session about equipment.  The recording of this session is available on the NJFCC website under You Tube videos.  

Photographing the Nighttime Landscape with Roman Kurywczak.  The NJFCC hosted this free online instructional program by Roman Kurywczak in November.  A recording of this presentation is available on the NJFCC website.  

NJFCC 2021 Competitions

Competitions and Results can be viewed at NJFCC

Upcoming Competitions

SCC members can enter the NJFCC digital competitions through Photo Contest Pro (PCP).  

Competitions for 20/21 have been scheduled.  If you are a member of SCC, you can enter photos on Photo Contest Pro (www.photocontestpro).   

The Spring NJFCC Competitions are scheduled as follows:

Spring Nature: April 13, 2021 (SCC Entry Deadline: March 30, 2021)

Spring Pictorial:  May 17, 2021 (SCC Entry Deadline:  April 30, 2021)

The results of the Competitions are posted below.  

Please see the NJFCC website/competitions (www.NJFCC.org) for more details and to see the complete list of winners and their photos.  


Sparta Camera Club Winners from Completed NJFCC Fall 2020 Competitions

Congrats to All Winners!

Winning pictures can be viewed at www.NJFCC.org (Competition Tab) and on the Galleries tab of the Sparta Camera Club website.

Winter Pictorial Competition

Pictorial Open:  Honorable Mention:  Speedwell Falls by Steve Firmender

Pictorial Open:  Honorable Mention:  Dutch Windmill by Marv Kaminsky

Winter Nature Competition

Botanical:  Honorable Mention:  Wild Wine Raspberries by Mary Fettes

General:  Honorable Mention:  Blackwater Sunset by Virginia Kolstad

General:  Honorable Mention:  Waywawanda Stream in Melting Snow by Frank Urbaniak

Fall Pictorial Competition

Creative Pictorial

Honorable Mention: Captured by a Butterfly by Diane Brunovsky

Honorable Mention:  First Crocus of Spring by Janet Defeo

Pictorial Open

Honorable Mention:  Up, Up and Away by Bruce Ryerson

Honorable Mention:  Castle Hill Lighthouse by Joy Schmitz

Fall Nature Competition 


Honorable Mention:  Daisy by Nancy Madacsi

Honorable Mention:  Sunflower by Joy Schmitz


Honorable Mention:  Black River by Edwin Klein



Honorable Mention:  Scarlet Tanager by Leesa Beckmann

Honorable Mention:  Proud One by Diane Brunovsky


Honorable Mention: Stuck the Landing by Sean Garvin


Other Competitions / Events

pon notification of acceptance, all work must be delivered to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition office no later than Wednesday, September 17th. They are located at 508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005. Please call the New Jersey Highlands Coalition at (973) 588-7190(973) 588-7190 to arrange drop off.
pon notification of acceptance, all work must be delivered to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition office no later than Wednesday, September 17th. They are located at 508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005. Please call the New Jersey Highlands Coalition at (973) 588-7190(973) 588-7190 to arrange drop off

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