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Sparta Athletic Club Calendar Winners

Monday, September 18, 2017 7:53 AM | Nancy Madacsi (Administrator)

The Sparta Athletic Club is publishing two calendars featuring the work of members of the Sparta Camera Club.  The following is a list of the winners.

Landscape Calendar

Joy Schmidt:  Lake Mohawk at Indigo Hour

Sam Cheung:  Childs Park PA; Horseshoe Lake; Heaven Hill Farm

Virginia Kolstad: North Lighthouse; Fishing Boats

Terry  Cutter: Winter Scene

Larry Zaback:  Grand Teton National Park

Nancy Madacsi:  January on the Asbury Park Boardwalk; Winter at Great Falls Patterson; Van Kirk Homestead Old Buildings

Janet Defoe: Winter Light; Autumn Pasture

Miscellaneous Calendar

Leesa Beckman:  Garden Helper; Tasty; Bee Holder

Eleanor Abramson: Bald Eagle;

Ammara kahn: Dressed Tree; Spring

Mike Tracy: Spatterdock Dainer; Bluebird

Laura Dempsey:  Great Blue Heron; Wolf Puppy; Mating Frogs

Liz Delle Chiaie:  Emu View

Raymond Roggero:  Spirals Through a Sunflower

Photos should be emailed to me, vkolstad@msn.com and Nancy Madacsi, nmadacsi@gmail.com on or before September 22nd. 

Photos should meet the following criteria:

1.       They should be jpegs.

2.      They should be edited in RGB Color Space

3.      They should be full size.

4.      The title of the photo, the name of the photographer and the location (if not included in the title) should be added to the lower right or left corner of the photo.

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