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Expo XXIX Winners Announced!

Thursday, October 31, 2013 1:30 PM | Deleted user


And Congratulations to all the members who entered. Some amazing images were on display making it very difficult for our judges!! 


1st           Sam Cheung                 Boots

2nd          Emily Miller                  The Old Man’s Door

3rd           Emily Miller                        Cow Lick

Sports & Action

1st           Eleanor Bortnick                 At the Rodeo

2nd           Mark Miller                         You’re Out

3rd           Eleanor Bortnick                 Finish Line at the Mud Run


1st      Poliana DeVane               The George Washington Bridge

2nd       Nicki McManus                 Sunflowers

3rd            Diane Brunovsky             Egret in Gentle Breeze

HM         Nicki McManus                 Thru the Fog

HM         Ron Duros                       In Search of Joshua

HM         Mark Miller                         Swim At Your Own Risk

Photographic Art

1st           Marv Kaminsky                 Candy Factory

2nd          Mark Miller                         Driving Myself Crazy – A Self Portrait

3rd           Roger Kirchhoff                 This is What Makes Me Tick


1stBarbara Delaney                Rainy Night in New York

2nd          Jonathan Rush                  Big Time Radio City Music Hall

3rd            Trevor Hodgson        York, England

HM         Mark Rogers                      Under the Bridge

HM         Jonathan Rush                  Highpoint Monument Sunset


1st           Trevor Hodgson             Calla Lily

2nd          Trevor Hodgson             Aging Gracefully

3rd           Joy Schmitz                     Fading Beauty

HM         Carol Tremper                 Red Sparks at Caldera: Santorini

HM         Kathleen Kirchner           Hosta and Wild Geranium


1st           Leesa Beckmann             Ribbit

2nd          Diane Brunovsky             Peek a Boo

3rd           Diane Brunovsky             Peeking through the Plumage

HM         David Mojica                     Springtime Blue Jay

HM         Steve Okeson                   Dad’s Watchful Eye

HM         Mike Tracy Blue-Winged Warbler


1st           Lisa Klepp               Eerie Morning Lighthouse

2nd          Mark Rogers                     Sunset Sunflowers

3rd           Don Freeman                   Autumn in the San Juan Mountain

HM         Barbara Delaney               Evening Birches

HM         Poliana DeVane                 Sunset at Snake River

HM         Mark Rogers                     The Well

HM         Poliana DeVane                 Dead Tree at Jenny Lake

HM         Mark Miller                         Harbor Storm

HM         Poliana DeVane                 Colors of the Night


1st           Pam Cordts                     Brother Love

2nd          Jonathan Rush                 Kevin at the Alter of Learning

3rd           Marianne Ofenloch         Scribbling the Sand

HM         Joy Schmitz                     Reach

HM         Leesa Beckmann              Tired and Weary

HM         Nancy Medacsi                 Ella

HM         Leesa Beeckmann           Wonder Girl


1st          Pam Cordts                      Dueling Banjo

2nd          Eleanor Bortnick               Neigh . . . bors

3rd          Pam Cordts                     America’s Pride Post Sandy

HM         Nancy Madacsi                 Contemplation

HM         Gregg Prendergast          Petalcycle

HM         Diane Bruovsky                Zany Zipper

HM         Joy Schmitz                     Mornings Light

HM         Trevor Hodgson Muffin

HM         Nancy Madacsi                 Koka

Best in Show: 1st               Trevor Hodgson                                Calla Lily

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