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Junk and Antique Winners

Friday, October 26, 2012 6:49 PM | Deleted user
Congratulations to all who entered our first competition of the year! There were some amazing entries . . . here is a break down of those who placed with ribbons:

Beginner: (Print) First Place:
Frances DiGangi - Untitled

Second Place: Frances DiGangi - Flower Sifter
Third Place: Frances DiGangi - Untitled

Intermediate (Print)
First Place: Jonathan Rush - Peeling Back the Years

Beginner: (Digital)
First Place: Zach Miller - Exit
Second Place: Kathy Raslowsky - Ringer Machine
Third Place: Zach Miller - Untitled
HM: Zach Miller - Deceased

Intermediate (Digital)
First Place: Carol Tremper - Chair, Mended 2
Second Place: Carol Tremper - Montana Recycled 1
Third Place: Carl Carlson - Waiting to Go
HM: Carol Tremper - Shades
HM: Bill Schwint - Junk
HM: Carl Carlson - Rust in the Weeds
HM: Eleanor Bortnick - Standing Out in a Crowd
HM: Barbara Gellner - Untitled
HM: Jim Medunick - Junk Train Car
HM: Carl Carlson - Farmasaurus Rex

Advanced (Digital)
First Place: Paul Michael Kane - Old Rifle
Second Place: Paul Michael Kane - Nuts
Third Place: Pam Cordts - Bottles So Old on the Wall
HM: Mark Miller - The Death of Film

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